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229 North Main Street, Marion, SC


Thanks to a generous grant in the amount of $72,300 from the Marion County Healthcare Foundation, HMRA has completed Phase I of Main Street Commons, our urban park in the heart of Marion! Your HMRA Board is delighted and excited to see this long-awaited project complete. Phase I included the construction on the 2 lots owned by HMRA. Thank you Marion County Healthcare Foundation for believing in this project!


In addition, Anderson Brothers Bank, Marion’s Community Bank, donated generously $5,000 toward the construction cost of Main Street Commons. As always, Anderson Brothers Bank has been the pillar to many community projects in the City and County of Marion. Thanks so much for the support.

Lastly, HMRA recognizes Southern Style Promotions Event Planning for their generous donation of $3,878 from their Shake It Up - Marion County fundraiser to benefit local charities.  HMRA was one recipient of three in the County to benefit. That donation covered the cost of the landscape material for Main Street Commons.  


The Historic Marion Revitalization Association hopes to empower residents and business owners with the knowledge, skills, tools and organizational structure necessary to revitalize our downtown, neighborhood commercial district and city into a vibrant center of commerce and community.

HMRA is dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of sustainable growth in Marion’s historic downtown area.  A non-profit organization, HMRA is committed to sponsoring programs and activities which fulfill the following purposes:

•growing Marion’s business and retail base

•cultivating tourism to revitalize downtown

•supporting overall city improvement initiatives

•creating, managing and supporting promotional events.

The current project, Main Street Commons is the repurposing of two of three lots destroyed by fire in 2011.  HMRA envisions this space, Phase I, to be the catalyst to revolutionizing the downtown into what today’s society expects and that is a place that is prosperous and forward thinking in its actions and results! 

The Commons resulted in a raised platform stage, green space and places for vendors to set up for week-day farmers' markets and for providing entertainment for downtown activities and events. The brick walkway that used to be next to Tio’s Restaurant has been preserved. Still to come are other aesthetically pleasing items (artwork, seating, etc.) to improve the look of the lot.

Once HMRA is able to obtain an additional adjacent lot, we will add picnic tables with awnings over head and will install a bathroom facility at the back of the property all as part of Phase II. 

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