7th Annual Swamp Fox Chili Cook-off and Olde Towne Marion Cornhole Tournament

Registration Will Close Thursday, Feb. 27st at Midnight!!

Here's The Rules!



1. Entry fee of $25 to all cookers who wish to participate in winning one of the prizes listed below.
2. FREE COOKERS can enter, but will not be eligible to win any prize. 
3. Competitors may enter more than one type of chili.
4. All competitors are responsible for purchasing their own ingredients.
5. All competitors are asked to prepare a minimum of FOUR GALLONS OF CHILI  per entry.
6. Competitors are responsible for all of their cooking utensils, condiments, etc.

​      - Serving cups, plastic utensils, paper towels, serving gloves and hand sanitizers furnished by event staff.

7. All competitors MUST supply their own tent or canopy.
8. Serving chili begins at 1 PM (2/29/20)
9. Competitors need to arrive by 11 AM to set up in their designated areas and must be ready by 12:30 PM. Anyone who arrives after 12:30 PM will not be allowed to enter the competition.
10. Chili can be prepared before arriving at the event. Be prepared to add your final touches and warm up your chili for serving.
11. There will be no electricity, you will need to have gas stoves/burners, sterno fuel, solar, wind power....
12. You are encouraged to decorate your designated area to personify your chili style.
13. We encourage good-spirited trash-talking with other competitors.
14. We reserve the right to make changes or alterations to the rules prior to the event. You will be made aware of these changes before 2/15/20.
Chili Cook-Off Awards
1st Place:  $1,000 | 2nd Place: $500 | 3rd Place: $250 | People's Choice | Best Themed

After registering, be sure to pay your entry fee using the button below or mail a check to:


               103 E. Dozier St.

               Marion, SC 29571