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HMRA is comprised of a Board of Directors and an Executive Director who are all committed to maintaining the downtown business district while encouraging the Marion and neighboring communities to partake of the small-town charm with the "progressive" attitude it takes to keep an economy viable.  We not only want our community to be prosperous, but to have fun along the way.

One of our main goals is to obtain grant monies for the Historic District of downtown Marion. We continue our efforts to add directional signage and maintain the overall beauty of our historic home. We will also work to encourage newcomers, including tourists, families and retirees, to visit and to relocate to Marion. Presenting a downtown that is viable and pleasing to the eye is part of that plan.






2021-2022 Board of Directors


Jonathan Atkinson, Chair

Tiffany McCaskill, Vice-Chair

Brittany Fincannon, Treasurer

Ashley Small, Secretary


Donny Gerald

Liz Herlong

Jake Kennedy

Sandy Logan

Luis Rodriguez

Ashley Soles

Lyle Werner


 Board of Directors

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