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Richard's Restaurant

April 01, 2019

Marion's famous diner, Richard's Restaurant, opened their doors over 35 years ago and has been serving up some of this town's favorite foods ever since. Converted from what historically was a gas station, owner Richard Godbold has really made a name for himself on the corner of Fairlee and Main Street. You can go as early at 5:30 am for a breakfast that will start your day off right and you'll be among some of their regulars that you can find there each and every morning. Richard's is open though lunch time, where you'll want to grab a burger and fries or some of their famed fried chicken that isn't to be outdone by anyone in the entire state! The best part about Richard's, besides the food, is the feel of taking a step back in time when you walk through the doors. The walls are covered in license plates from around the USA and you can still sit on stools at the bar and watch them work the grill as they make your burger. The thing they love most about being opened on Main Street in Marion is serving the people of the town and visitors alike. Stop by and grab a bite to eat with a friend for an experience you won't forget! Richard's is located at 501 N. Main Street. Call 843.423.5561 with any questions.

The Paw Spaw

March 01, 2019

The Paw Spaw, owned by Brooke Zeman, is located at 621 N Main Street, Marion, SC. Established in 2015, the Paw Spaw is a full grooming shop for all dog breeds, open Monday –Friday 7:00 am until last furbaby looks glamorous! They are also open every other Saturday until 2:00 pm.


The Paw Spaw was opened by Brooke when she was just 18 years old. She knew at an early age (as soon as she could talk!) she would work with dogs in some capacity. While still in high school, the opportunity was presented to her to buy the Paw Spaw, previously owned by Jake Bales. As soon as she graduated from high school, she left the very next day for Groom A Dog Academy in Blythewood, SC. Her passion was found! Brooke loves grooming all fur babies! She also loves being able to live and work in her hometown.


Brooke is a compassionate groomer, with genuine love for dogs. She strives to be a professional dog groomer that all dogs love to come see. You can find the shop on Facebook, or call (843) 615-0117.

Martin's Service Center

December 01, 2019

Martin’s Service Center, owned and operated by Scott Martin, is located on 201 North Main Street, Marion, S.C. The full-service station is open for business Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Martin’s Service Center was previously owned by L.C. Collins in the late 1900’s. He rented it to Aaron Martin, father of Scott Martin, from 1980 to 1989 and in 1989, Aaron bought the business. In 1990, Aaron remodeled the business and it was named Marion Exxon. Nearly 5 years later, Aaron decided to become independent and the service station became Martin’s Service Center. Scott began working at the station in 1980 and upon graduation from Florence-Darlington Tech in 1989, Scott began working full time at the station. He worked alongside his father until his father passed in 2013. Scott continues to follow in his father’s footsteps by treating every customer fairly and always standing behind his work. Scott enjoys serving his hometown and having the opportunity to interact with the people he has known his entire life. Scott also enjoys meeting new people and sharing the history of the business and the impact that his father’s hard-work ethic had on his life. Martin’s Service Center offers a variety of automotive services including gas, oil change, alignment, tire rotation, and all other mechanic work. The station also sells non-ethanol gas which is perfect for small engines. In the future, Scott plans to continue welcoming people into Marion and growing the “family” of friends and customers that he has met through his business. He also continues to teach his daughter, Hannah, how to be a business owner and the ins and outs of owning a business since she also wants to become a business owner in the future. Scott continues to be a positive influence on his family and members of the community and a great example of an honest, hard-working man.

Swamp Fox Farms

September 01, 2018

Swamp Fox Farms of Marion (SFF) is an equestrian facility located at 266 Ebbie Road, Marion, South Carolina, and owned and operated by Johnny and Patricia Atkinson.  After Hurricane Hugo and utilizing downed timber from Hob Caw Planation in Kingstree, SC, the stable was erected in 1991.  It was established as a private resource for the Atkinson family allowing their only daughter, Parrish, a place to prepare for competitive hunter/jumping equitation.  (Hunter/Jumping Seat Equitation is a division judged on the ability and style of the rider and horse. Riders can be judged both over fences and on the flat.)  The stable began to expand by offering hunter lessons, summer clinics, long term boarding facilities, horse breeding and sales, etc. to anyone interested.  Soon the farm was fully engaged.

Riding a pony to first grade in Brittons Neck was the beginning of a lifelong love of horses for Johnny.  His love has spilled over to family and friends.  Their daughter spent as much time at SFF as at home.  “SFF has been a meeting place for many a young child interested in the world of equestrian sport and leisure and is still offering this opportunity to any interested person in the Pee Dee area,” shared Johnny Atkinson.  “To become a good rider, it takes a lot of hard work and discipline, and we want our farm to be a place where that can happen for others.  It certainly helped Parrish to set and meet her goals.”

SFF has been blessed to have many to assist with the development of this facility.  Martin Vidal of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Aiken, South Carolina (, Parrish Atkinson, Angel Rogers, and, their newest member to SFF, Ashley Bazen, who is currently SFF barn manager and trainer.  Ashley is committed to offering private, group, and year round clinics and camps.  “Each service we offer is carefully chosen and developed, so the rider gets the most out of their time at the barn,” Ashley explained.  “We are the only farm within an hour radius that has experience showing and training on A and AA circuit.”  Ashley is also devoted to promotion and sales for SFF.  Ashley delights in having visitors to stop by and visit.  Let her introduce you to the equestrian world.  You might find yourself wanting to ride a horse too.

South Carolina, as well as surrounding states, offer huge opportunities for the equestrian realm.  Marion County is a wonderful area to extend what Aiken and Camden, SC, already offer.  Hopefully, SFF can help expand opportunities and knowledge.  The photograph of the horse jumping is Elliana SF.  This horse is owned by the Atkinsons and was given birth, raised, and trained at SSF, and is now being campaigned by Swamp Fox Farms.

SFF encourages all to stop by and watch the horses, whether they are at work or grazing.  It doesn’t take long to catch the fever.  Horse love is quite contagious at any age.  If you are interested in further information, please feel free to contact Ashley Bazen at (843) 319-2879 or Johnny Atkinson at (843) 430-2492.  Please follow us at Swamp Fox Farms of Marion on Facebook.

Anderson Brothers Bank

September 01, 2018

Anderson Brothers Bank

2500 E Hwy 76 & 728 N Main Street, Marion

Monday – Thursday 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Friday 8:30AM – 5:30PM


Anderson Brothers Bank offers 23 branches conveniently located in 16 communities throughout the Pee Dee, Coastal and Low-Country regions of South Carolina.  The bank’s main office is located at 101 North Main Street, P.O. Box 310 in Mullins, South Carolina.

In the Beginning…

Anderson Brothers Bank was founded during the Depression period, in a day of little money and even less confidence in banks.  The founding brothers Ernest & Bishop Anderson did not have any intention of establishing a bank when they were beseeched by Mullins tobacco warehousemen to finance the 1932 crops for farmers.  Nonetheless, the men had a desire to help the community, and Bishop Anderson moved back to Mullins out of retirement to establish a check cashing booth to aid local farmers.

He set up a small office in a back room of a tobacco warehouse and offered to cash the checks farmers had received from the tobacco buyers for their harvest. Soon after Bishop convinced his brother Ernest to sell the successful finance company they owned, American Credit Company in Florence that specialized in auto loans, to C.I.T. and to join him in the cash depository business in Mullins.

Through Bishop Anderson’s heroics and selfless service in the check cashing booth and both men’s consistent displays of integrity, the two brothers had established impeccable reputations. They were both held in high regard in Mullins and many citizens of Mullins, acting on their respect decided to forsake any previous distrust of banks to do business with the brothers. The brothers soon converted the cash depository to a full-time commercial bank in 1933 as Anderson Brothers Bankers.

Many people brought their hard-earned money to deposit in accounts, an almost rare concept in the dark days of the Great Depression. In an example of the brothers’ passion for the community, during a bank holiday declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933, Anderson Brothers Bankers locked the front door but continued to conduct business out of the back door, proving Anderson’s commitment to unwavering service and treatment of customers like family, a commitment that is as strong today as it was then.

E.L. Anderson made a conscious decision to begin offering automobile loans to farmers and families shortly after converting to a full time bank. At the time, auto loans were discouraged in the banking industry, and an FDIC examiner forced E.L. Anderson to travel to Washington, DC to discuss his practicing of handling auto papers. E.L. Anderson was ordered not to offer any more auto loans through the bank. Anderson however cleverly began to utilize his past experience and reorganized the American Credit Company across the street to continue to offer automobile loans. The credit company was eventually acquired by Anderson Brother Bank and operates today as its Consumer Banking Center across the street from the corporate office.

 E.L. Anderson’s practice of offering automobile loans through a bank was trailblazing to say the least. Despite initial misgivings by the FDIC and other banks, the practice was soon determined to be both acceptable, successful and began increasing in popularity.  EL Anderson was quoted as saying, “In the 1930’s, they just didn’t realize what good collateral an auto made. A man will keep his car even if he loses his house. Now every bank is clamoring for an auto loan.”

Since the 1930’s, Anderson Brothers Bank has continued to expand its reach in many other communities of eastern South Carolina, seeking to provide greater convenience of an overall better banking experience for those living pay check to pay check. The need for a bank that understands unfortunate events happen and are willing to help get them through difficult times is what the foundation of ABB is built on.  Any history of the town of Mullins written after the 1930s would not be complete without extensive mention of the bank. Anderson Brothers Bank combines a firm grasp on the traditions and values with an ability to adapt and evolve to the changing demands consistent with technological transformation of modern life. Banking with Anderson Brothers Bank provides one the opportunity to feel the warmth, friendship, and handshake-style business of a small-town, 20th century bank while still enjoying the convenience of banking in the 21st century – online banking, mobile deposits, etc.

When asked, what sets ABB apart from all the other banks, David Anderson, Anderson Brothers Banks President & CEO was quick to answer. “It’s our consumer loan program. We do loans other banks don’t at rates finance companies can’t touch.” “Our consumer loans make up thirty percent of all our loans, while our peers have only around three percent.”  “That is what sets us apart from all other banks” he said. “Our consumer’s credit scores on average are 550-680, which is lower than most banks will go and if you consume the majority of your paycheck week to week, we are your bank.”

Anderson Brothers Bank is much larger today than it was in the early days of its existence, with locations across the eastern half of South Carolina and an extensive range of services offered. Nonetheless, the bank continues to be owned and operated by the Anderson family and is headquartered in one of the original buildings in Mullins. Anderson Brothers Bank continues to offer unparalleled customer service with its main focus on community and “Treating You Like Family Since 1933.”

Written by Gib Fenters

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